Welcome to my Pilates Videos page - from here you can subscribe to access any of these videos for up to 72 hours all for less than the price of one class.

A new video will be added periodically and I really hope you enjoy them!

Pilates 1 – ‘Back to Back’

Pilates video focussing on the core, predominantly the back muscles.


Pilates 4 – ‘Waisting away’

Pilates video focusing on all things waist and torso.


Pilates in Pregnancy

Pilates video focusing on the deeper core muscles used to support the changing body through pregnancy and maintain stamina and strength during birth and beyond.


Pilates 2 – ‘Waist no time’

Pilates video focussing on the core, targeting all of the muscles through the torso

Pilates 5 – ‘Bum Envy’

Pilates exercises to tone the bum and legs making that bum envious!

Pilates 3 – ‘Buns of Steel’ & ‘Perfect Pins’

Pilates video focussing on the Legs, bum and core  muscles.


Pilates 6 – ‘Strong Upper Body and Bum’

Pilates video to strengthen and tone to Arms, chest, wrists and triceps as well as the bum.