Pilates video focusing on the deeper core muscles used to support the changing body through pregnancy and maintain stamina and strength during birth and beyond.

This video is approx. 30 mins long and contains some gentle mobilising exercises to begin with followed by some Pilates basics before leading into the main matwork programme where you will be taken through a variety of pregnancy tailored exercises in all four kneeling, side lying, seated and for a short time on your back, however there are always alternatives to all positions if they are not comfortable. We focus on the deeper abdominals, pelvic and shoulder stability and pelvic floor work – all vital to maintain a healthy, stable and strong body throughout your pregnancy and beyond. There will also be some breathing work. This video will help you lay firm foundations on which to regain and rebuild your pre-­pregnancy body safely and effectively. A ‘post­natal’ pilates video with your little one will be available once I myself reach that stage!

What you will need:
A mat or towel to lie on, water to keep hydrated, a small block or cushion if you need it for alignment/comfort or to sit on, and some comfy clothing.