Pilates video to strengthen and tone to Arms, chest, wrists and triceps as well as focusing in on the bum once again.

This Pilates video is around 30 minutes long – easily squeezed into a weekly exercise regime. After some mobilising and gentle release work we begin with the Pilates Press­up, followed by some Plank work, Leg Lifts, Side Bend Clams, Side Bend Leg Circles, Hip Raises, Adductor Squeezes, Outer Thigh focused Shoulder Bridge and Prayer Circles. This really is a great workout to strengthen and tone the upper body as well as target the gluts and increase core strength and stability.

What you will need: A mat or towel to lie on, a block for alignment if necessary, a resistance band if you have one (medium resistance), a cushion and some comfy clothing. Try to find a calm and warm room where you can focus on your body and breathing throughout the video.