Pilates video focussing on the core, targeting all of the muscles through the torso – Abdominals (both deeper and superficial) and the waist muscles.

This video will run for approx. 30 mins and will aim to tighten up your torso and waist, using your deeper belt of muscles (the Transverse abdominals). After a short mobilising section you will perform the Ab Prep into the V-­sit, the One Leg Stretch, Scissors, Hip Rolls, Ab Curls and the infamous One Hundred, before stretching out and releasing tensions. You will be offered levels throughout to help you work at your own ability. Please note that if you have any Osteoporosis, disc or neck problems then please avoid any rotational movement or any movements which require you to curl your head off the floor – I offer some adaptations.

What you will need: A mat or towel to lie on, a block for alignment if necessary and some comfy clothing. Try to find a calm and warm room where you can focus on your body and breathing throughout the video.