Pilates video focusing on all things waist and torso, the shoulders will also get a good workout from this if using the higher levels.

This video has been designed to tighten the waist and strengthen the deeper core muscles. It runs for 31 minutes and includes Hip Rolls, Oblique Ab curls, Side Reach’s, Side Bends, Side Bend, Reach Through (or threading the needle), Mermaid, Spine Twist, Side­lying Double leg lifts. It’s a great workout that will leave you feeling it for a few days but please exercise at your own level – and levels are given throughout the video.

Please note that anyone suffering from Osteoporosis, Disc Problems or Neck Problems should avoid any flexion work (curling the head off the floor) and any rotational work – but alternative exercises are given.

What you will need: A mat or towel to lie on, a block for alignment if necessary and some comfy clothing. Try to find a calm and warm room where you can focus on your body and breathing throughout the video.