It is with lots of EXCITEMENT I am now able to offer you ‘Monthly Pilates Membership’!!

+It’s Easy
+Unlimited Class Access
+Rolling Contract
+Cancel at any time
+Regular Pilates fix
+Choose between Online only or In-venue & Online

So for those of you looking for UNLIMITED ACCESS to either my ONLINE Only classes or my ONLINE & IN-VENUE classes then look no further as you now have options!!!

UNLIMITED ACCESS to my ONLINE classes (There are 6 mixed-level classes a WEEK to attend!) is £30 a month (Just over £6.50 per week!)

UNLIMITED ACCESS to both Online and Venue classes is £40 a month (Just over £9 per week!)

If you are currently attending more than one session per week with me then the above deals are a no-brainer!

Don’t forget you can cancel at any time and revert back to ‘Pay as you go’ sessions if this suits you better. (Please note that no ‘part month’ refunds will be given if you cancel before the end of your monthly payment, so please make sure you use your membership right up until the point you cancel.

During my Holiday weeks you will have access to the Pre-records for the entire time that I am away so you will never have to miss out on your pilates fix again!!!
(Excludes weekly ‘Pilates Fixes’ and on-demand Express Classes)