Here’s some PILATES PRACTICALITIES for the return to face to face session:

  1. You will be required to bring your own mats, bands, balls, blocks etc – improvise if you wish! (there will be a limited number of the above available for you to borrow, but I’ll provide Anti-bac spray/wipes for you to wipe them down before and after use.)
  2. Sanitizer will be on hand throughout the class – clean clean clean!!!
  3. Masks may be worn upon arrival and departure (it is your choice), but will NOT need to be worn throughout the class – breathe in to prepare!
  4. If you feel unwell or show any signs of Covid-19 then please do not come to class. (stay home on the sofa or come to an online class instead!)
  5. I shall arrive early to clean & prep the space and set up for Zoom too, but I shall only open the doors 10 mins early to let people into venue, I’m asked by venues to keep social-distancing in mind if you are waiting outside.
  6. I’ve been asked by some venues to keep use of the toilets to a minimum, so go before you show and work those pelvic floors! There will always be ONE toilet available though if you need it, just be sure to wipe it down after with an antibac wipe.
  7. I shall stay more ‘Mat-based’ for the moment and avoid ‘hands-on’ correction in the short-term – but I’m itching to get my hands back on you all!!
  8. HYBRID CLASSES – I will be streaming Live via Zoom during the class in venue (using an ipad on a tripod), but no-one else will appear on camera and it will be focused on my mat throughout the session.
  9. Be aware there are no changing facilities open in any of my venues currently so come in the clothes you’d like to exercise in… PJ’s are welcomed!

FINALLY… Keep smiling, talking & providing me with feedback….. It’s a transitional phase so I’ll be learning this ‘new-norm’ on the job…. I’d really appreciate your feedback, support and lovely-ness throughout this phased-return….and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU! Stay well, take care and thank you for your continued support.