All course bookings should be made online and in advance. The cost is £48 for a 6-week course

Spaces are limited and the in-venue courses can book up fast. If the course is full the class will be unavailable to book online, please Contact Me to request to go on my reserve list.

Pregnancy Pilates

Wednesdays 6.45-7.45pm Online via Zoom and In Venue at Hope Baptist Hall on Peverell Pk Rd (6 week courses – booking required as spaces are limited)

Pregnancy is an exciting experience and throughout it your body will change in various ways to accommodate your growing bundle. Most bodies are very good at adapting and others need a little helping hand, but all bodies can benefit from keeping their deeper core muscles strong, posture and alignment good and their body awareness heightened.

This is where Pilates can come in as it is a gentle yet effective exercise form,  that uses flowing, low intensity movements based on the mat or in standing positions. Pilates during Pregnancy can be practised with me any time from 12 weeks up until the due-date. It has many benefits:

  • Keeps Mum calm and in a positive state of mind

  • Promotes improvement in posture and body awareness

  • Improves core stability and maintains abdominal function

  • Prepares the body for demands of increased weight bearing and circulation.

  • Helps prevent back pain and other problems caused by weakness, joint instability and weight gain

  • Gets you fit for labour and delivery

  • Strengthens relevant muscles for birthing positions (all 4 kneeling, squatting etc.)

  • Improves relaxation skills for comfort during labour and pregnancy

  • Improves awareness of breath control and Pelvic floor control

  • Prepares pelvic floor for extra weight and demands

  • Lays foundations for you to regain your pre-pregnancy body after child-birth

*12 weeks pregnant onwards.

Postnatal Pilates

Tuesdays 11-12pm, In Venue at Emmanuel Church Hall, Compton Ave or a pre-recorded Course is available (6 week courses – booking required as spaces are limited)

Wednesdays 10.30-11.30am, In Venue at Oreston Methodist centre, Plymstock Rd or a pre-recorded Course is available (6 week courses – booking required as spaces are limited)

There are also enormous benefits of doing Pilates postnatally, even if it is just one class per week, which, realistically, may be all that new mums can manage. The postnatal period is a very important time for new mums, where the body continues to be vulnerable due to hormonal changes that have occurred during pregnancy and continue to have an effect on the body and mind. There is a ‘Pre-recorded’ Postnatal course for those mums who cannot attend in venue and would like to fit the session in around their little one at home. Each recording is sent out on a Tuesday afternoon and is accessible for 7 days to use at will.

Postnatal Pilates Classes focus on new mum’s and their journey back to a pre-pregnancy body in a safe and sensible way, starting from the ‘inside-out’. Each mum is different, each pregnancy is different and each birth is different, therefore we usually spend a little time in the first session assessing your requirements and your pelvic floor function & abdominal integrity (whether the rectus abdominal muscles have separated and if so by how much – this isn’t something to worry about as it happens to almost everyone at full term of pregnancy if not before). Our focus during the classes continues to be correct postural alignment, breathing and engagement of deep stabilising muscles (Pelvic Floor and Transversus Abdominals) prior to movement. Postnatal Pilates is designed to strengthen, repair and realign after birth, working from the ‘inside out’.

*I ask my new mums to have had their 6 week checks before commencing postnatal pilates and those having had C-Sections to leave it for 8-12 weeks due to recovery time needed for this major surgery.

All 6 week courses are £48 and bookable via my website Booking page – simply head there now and choose which venue you prefer or opt for the pre-recorded course if this suits you better!