Firstly have you got a little bit of space to put down a mat? or on a carpeted floor a beach towel would do. If you have a small pilates ball or resistance band keep those to hand (don’t worry if not as I always offer options). Make sure you have downloaded ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ to your device to make it quicker to set up once you’ve clicked on the meeting link. Make sure your device sound is on and up, it has enough battery life or is plugged in and that you can see me without too much craning of the neck! You can have your camera on or off (‘on’ helps me see you and comment on alignment and positioning). You will be muted during the session to avoid any distractions but you can unmute at any time to talk to me! make sure Zoom has access to your devices Mic and Camera (it will prompt you when you join) so that you can hear me throughout and i can hear you at the start and end. Have some water to hand and occasionally i may ask you to grab other ‘props’ such as a hand towel or small tennis ball or baked bean tins!