Book online via my website or social media pages and you’ll fill out a short health form as part of the process. Pilates is perfectly safe at any stage of your pre/postnatal period as long as it is a pregnancy or Postnatal Specific class led by someone who is qualified in those areas – which I am! During Pregnancy I ask you to be 12 weeks plus so you are out of that more unpredictable trimester of change and the body can begin to settle into the pregnancy. As for the Postnatal Ladies, this is very dependent on what exercise you have done before and what type of birth/labour you had – As a general rule I like my ladies to be 6 weeks Postnatal from a vaginal birth or 10-12 weeks postnatal for a C-Section or complicated Vaginal birth. This is a general rule as each individual is different, but what I would say is there’s no need to rush back to exercise unless you feel the need to mental health wise, as the body has been through a lot and it’s nice to start off by giving it some healing time.