Hybrid Happiness

Hybrid Happiness

It is safe to say that ‘so far so good’ with the Hybrid classes I’ve now been running since July! There will always be teething problems, but I think overall, these have proved really successful, allowing my lovely pilates peeps the choice and freedom to join me in venue face to face or to continue to join from the comfort of their own homes.

My main aim for every class whether in venue or online is to make EVERYONE feel welcome and included as valued part of the session. I try to keep my eyes on you whether through the screen or in person and will offer coaching points throughout so that you can be confident you are moving the right way and feeling it in the right places!

I now have my headset to improve on sound quality when Zooming from the larger venues. I have my banner to keep the background plain and simple and I believe I have my lighting about right in each venue depending on where I place myself. Luckily the venues I have returned to have great WIFi connection meaning you shouldn’t be left holding a plank for ten mins whilst the screen freezes! LOL!

Anyway, if you’ve been thinking about joining us in any capacity, now’s the time, come and grab your space and join me on the virtual or actual mat!

Thank You x