That’s right, Both Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates courses begin again on April 20th and 21st. So why sign up!?

Pregnancy Pilates Benefits are huge for mind, body, mum and baby!

  1. Time out for you to think of yourself and baby
  2. Helps strengthen the body to support the changing posture
  3. Breathing work helps you relax and prepares you for labour
  4. Deeper core muscles are strengthened and stretched – including the all important Pelvic Floor
  5. Body awareness is heightened and unnecessary tensions can be released.

Postnatal Pilates Benefits your body and mind as you recoup after pregnancy and birth!

  1. Allows you to exercise with your little one next to you.
  2. Gives your body some TLC and begins to target deeper core and stability once again
  3. Allows you to reconnect with your breathe and pelvic floor muscles and strengthen it in various ways
  4. Provides you with top tips to incorporate some exercises throughout your day without having to get out your mat.
  5. Gives your body the strength and support it needs to work from the ‘inside out’, safely and at your own pace.

Please book using the links below as spaces are limited. Courses will run for six consecutive weeks.

Book Postnatal Pilates – Starts Tues 20th April 11-12pm

Book Antenatal Pilates – Starts Wed 21st April 645-745pm

 I will also be running a ‘Pregnancy Pilates Taster’ session for the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) on Wed April 21st from 8-830pm. If you, or someone you know, is interested then please let me know or contact your local NCT branch to book in. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any further info!!

Cassie x


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