Legs Eleven

Legs Eleven

Yep it’s official ‘ my name is Cassie and I am a legging-a-holic’

I remember a time when I used to wear black yoga trousers alllllll the time ( and let’s be honest you can’t go wrong with them – they are flattering, wear well, don’t show the dirt or creases and generally go with anything!!!) BUT then I decided to wander a little further outside my comfort zone into the world of patterns and colour!!! Slowly but surely I became addicted to finding my next ‘leg covering statement’ and before I knew it had a small collection ( 31 pairs at last count to be precise)

Soooooo the reason for this post is that I often get the question ‘where do you get your leggings from?’ And seeing as I think well-fitting leggings that don’t ride up/down or sideways when you exercise are hard to find and fantastic when you do, I thought I would share my top two picks with you so you can give them a try!!!

  1. SWEATY BETTY – yep I LOVE this brand. They do tend to be nearer the pricier end of the scale but I have always found them to fit well, not slip down (unless you get a size too big- which I did to begin with!) wash incredibly well, wear well ( I haven’t thrown away a pair yet!) not to mention come in funky patterns which change with the seasons/trends!!! Top Tip- sign up to their mailing list and wait for the sales– they have them several times a year and are great value then! Also be warned- their selection is HUGE and they have so many products from ski wear to lounge wear, coats to bags so be prepared to come away with more than you bargained for!! 
  2. BORN NOULI – now these leggings are also incredibly comfortable to wear, fantastic fit, great patterns and a little more affordable than the SB’s!!  They have less of a selection in comparison to SB but sometimes this is what I need- ‘less is more’ and I’m terrible with decisions!!! 

So, I hope this has given you some food for thought and legging inspiration …. life’s too short to keep yanking up your leggings …. go get some perfect fits and throw some colour in there whilst you’re at it!! ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️?????? ??????????????????????????????